Hemp oil – your skins new best friend?

Oil can be an amazing ingredient in skin care when used correctly, however, not all oils are created equally. While coconut oil enjoyed a huge surge in popularity in recent years, it is a comedogenic oil – meaning it blocks your pores, which can irritate acne further. Essential oils can also be super irritating for the skin, especially for sensitive skin types. Thankfully, hemp seed oil is packed full of skin-loving ingredients, and when applied topically it has serious benefits for a variety of skin types, whether you’re acne-prone or suffer from dry skin.

Why hemp oil is beneficial for the skin

Hemp oil is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids like omega-3s and omega-6s make it particularly beneficial for problem skin conditions like dermatitis and psoriasis, which can cause itchy, painful flare-ups and skin flaking. Hemp seed oil is also an excellent ingredient for anti-ageing as it is rich in linoleic acid and oleic acids, which have anti-inflammatory and moisture-retention properties. These ultra-hydrating and calming properties also help to fight further signs of ageing, such as dehydration and dullness.

 hemp oil benefits for skin

While oily skin types might think that applying more oil to their skin is the very last thing they should be doing, the truth is incorporating oil products and oil cleansing into your routine is a great way to fight acne break-outs. Hemp oil also has a comedogenic rating of 0, so there’s no risk of it blocking your pores.

Oil cleansers pull excess oil out of the skin more effectively than many harsh acne cleansers which are often full of sulfates and dehydrating alcohols. These ingredients can over-strip the skin of its natural oils, which prompts the skin to produce more oil in response, meaning your acne can actually be worsened over time. Using a pure oil like hemp seed oil instead of a cleanser means that you’re sure to avoid any harsh cleansers or sulfates that can compromise your skin’s natural moisture barrier, leaving you with clean, nourished and balanced skin.

You can also use hemp seed oil as a face oil which keeps the skin balanced and moisturised, preventing further breakouts and reducing overactive oil production.

How to use hemp oil for your skin

There are so many different ways to incorporate hemp oil into your skin care routine . You can apply it straight to your skin after moisturising for an extra rich seal of hydration, or you can use it through hemp oil-infused skin care products.


One of our favourite ways to introduce oil into your skin routine is through a hot cloth oil cleanse, and taking an extra 15 minutes or so during your cleansing routine can truly make all the difference to your complexion.

While you can pretty much use any kind of face cloth for a hot cloth cleanse, we recommend using a muslin cloth. Using a muslin cloth with a textured finish helps to slough off dead skin cells, giving you an extra-gentle physical exfoliation. The warmth of the cloth and the steam it creates also makes dead skin cells much easier to remove, without scrubbing or irritating your skin.

Ideally, you should only use a face cloth 1-2 times before washing it, so picking up a muslin cloth that you only use for your hot cloth cleanse means that you can easily do one or two cleanses a week before you have to throw it into your weekly wash.


Muslin cloths are super affordable and are easily available online as well as shops like Boots and Primark, or you can even take a trip to your local haberdashery and have them cut a few large squares of muslin fabric for you. We’d recommend picking up two cloths that you can keep in rotation for when one is dirty or in the wash.

How to give yourself a hot cloth hemp oil treatment

Doing a hot cloth cleanse is super easy, simply massage your hemp seed oil into your skin in slow, circular motions – taking particular care to massage the muscles in your face, rather than just rubbing your skin. Prepare a sink full of water, hot enough to create steam but not so hot that you’ll scald your skin – slightly cooler than a bath. Soak your muslin cloth in the water and wring it out so that it’s damp, but not dripping wet. Then, place the cloth over your oiled face and lightly press it into your skin.

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Rinse out your cloth and repeat this step 2-3 times, leaving the cloth on your face as long as is comfortable or until you feel it start to cool down – anywhere from 15-20 seconds should do. Then, you can use your cloth to polish your skin and remove the oil residue, by rubbing gently in an upward, circular motion. Rinse your face with clean, tepid water, and pat dry to reveal skin that feels more supple, nourished and clean.