Bamboo Reusable Face Cleansing Pad

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Bamboo Reusable Face Cleansing Pad


Our Bamboo Reusable Face Pad offers you a sustainable way to cleanse your skin. Say goodbye to those makeup wipes; these face cleansing pads are far more eco-friendly and are far more gentle on your skin. Instead of scrubbing at your skin with a wipe, let this soft, cushioned pad do the work for you. To re-use, simply wash with soap and leave out to dry until your next cleanse!

  • Reusable up to 200 times
  • Made from bamboo, a greener alternative to organic cotton
  • Works with both primary and secondary cleansers


For all skin types

Eco-friendly Face Cleansing Pads has never felt better

Our Bamboo Reusable Face Pads offer a sustainable alternative to regular makeup wipes. Made from bamboo, these ultra-absorbent pads hold onto your cleansing balm or gel, dispersing it evenly over your face and neck for the ultimate cleanse. Reuse these pads up to 200 times each, washing them with soap between uses. With this option, you’ll do your part for the environment while working towards better, more sustainable skincare habits.

Lightly textured, for the ultimate lather

Both electronic and silicon facial brushes have one thing in common: that luxurious lather, with minimal cleanser needed. However, these devices can also leave your skin dry and tight (with some extra redness, to boot)! Our Bamboo Reusable Face Pads offer a happy medium, giving you both a rich lather and a gentle cleanse. In fact, its texture works perfectly for even the most delicate skin types, offering the best cleanse yet. Try it and see for yourself!

An antibacterial, no-fuss option

At Poko, we believe that skincare can be sustainable, and our Bamboo Reusable Face Pads are the perfect example of this. Made from bamboo, these face cleansing pads are an excellent alternative to organic cotton, as bamboo is far easier (and more eco-friendly) to grow. Plus, bamboo is naturally antibacterial, due to the lignin in its cell walls. This, therefore, makes it the perfect cleansing pad. Simply wash it with soap and water when you’re done, and let it air-dry before your next cleanse. With these eco-friendly options, it really is that easy!

How to use Bamboo Reusable Face Pad?

Wash gently with soap and water between uses for best results, with up to 200 washes.