Mother's Day present and gift ideas

Mother's Day present and gift ideas

Mother's Day present and gift ideas

Mother’s Day is always a celebration many of us look forward to. After all, it’s a day dedicated to the most important person in our lives. Every year, we try our best to surprise her with unique gifts that she might truly cherish. And like every year, most of us run out of ideas for that perfect gift! If you’re shaking your head in agreement right now and are loath to give her another cookbook (which she has a mountain of already!), then look no further! We have the perfect Mother’s Day presents ideas! Why not surprise her with special Mother’s Day skincare gift sets?

Skincare gift sets are touted to lead the Mother’s Day gift 2021 list. Not only will they put a big smile on her face, but bring back a healthy and relaxed glow to her beautiful visage! A total win-win situation!

Read on to find out why skincare gifts make the best presents for your darling mother and some of the best ones in the market that she’ll adore. We promise you, with these Mother’s Day gift sets, you’ll be crowned her undisputed favourite child (sorry, siblings!).

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Skincare for Mums-the do’s and don’ts

What with the coronavirus still raging on and most of us stuck in complete lockdown, Mother’s Day this year will be quite different. You might not be able to spend the day with your mum or take her to her favourite restaurant. However, you can do something for her dull and stressed skin and give her the gift of glowing skin with a luxurious skincare gift set.

The constant mask-wearing and skin- cleaning may have made your mum’s skin dull and lacklustre. Add to the fact that salons and spas may be closed for the foreseeable future, and hence she may not be able to pamper her skin.

That’s why Poko’s Nourishing Skincare Gift set and Anti-Ageing Skincare Gift Set can be an especially meaningful gift for her on this Mother’s Day. By giving her the gift of nourished, healthy, and younger-looking skin, you can truly show that you care about what’s best for her.

Poko's Anti-Ageing Skincare Gift Set

The all-important pointers

When it comes to skincare for mums, there are many things to look out for. Below we provide you with a list of all the dos and don'ts this Mother’s Day, and why giving certain skincare products as a present is a great idea

- Don’t waste your money on poor quality, inferior products:

Your mother only deserves the best. There should be no compromise on quality, especially when it comes to skincare.

- Do invest in quality products:

Luxurious skin care products such as hydrating moisturisers, eye creams and facial oils can truly bring a marked difference to your mother’s skin. That’s why Poko’s Mother’s Day skincare gift sets are an ideal present. They will provide the ultimate pampering experience to your mother, far beyond Mother’s Day.

- Don’t invest in a random Mother’s Day gift box:

While gifting skincare products is a good idea, you should not randomly pick things that might not suit your mum’s skin type. There can be many products in hastily put together skincare gift boxes that might be of no use to your mum. For instance, if she has dry skin, no point in giving her a mattifying moisturiser is there.

- Do invest in products that work for your mum’s skin type:

Everyone’s skin is different. Even if it’s your own mother, she might have different skin concerns to yours. She might have concerns with her dry skin and wrinkles, and it would be sensible to target those concerns specifically.

Mother's Day Gift

Why skincare products make the best presents

Keeping all the above points in mind, it is important to look for only the best skincare gift sets for your mother which suit her skin type. Moreover, other reasons why skincare gift sets make the perfect Mother’s Day gift 2021 are:

  • They come in beautiful packaging. 
  • Give your mum a chance to try something new.
  • They are more cost-effective than buying individual skincare items.

Mum’s favourite Nourishing Skincare Gift Set

When it comes to the perfect Mother’s Day gift box, few can beat the Nourishing Skincare Gift Set by Poko. It contains the following three essential skincare items to keep your mum’s skin supple and hydrated:

Retail Price: £31.95

This luxury moisturiser combines CBD with a selection of natural botanicals and plant oils like apricot kernel oil, shea butter, olive oil, aloe vera juice and glycerine. All of these ingredients work well together to keep the skin hydrated, plump, and dewy.

  • Luxury Facial Oil:

Retail Price: £26.95

A truly luxurious facial oil infused with CBD and a selection of essential vitamins and botanical oils. Not only does it smell incredible, but a few drops of this oil could help supercharge your mum’s dehydrated skin with its rich cocktail of omega fatty acids and vitamins A, D, E and F.

  • Correcting Eye Cream:

Retail Price: £23.95

This lightweight, velvety eye cream gently moisturises the sensitive under eyes area. Packed with rich plant extracts like raspberry extract, fig extract and green tree extract, it helps brighten dark under-eye circles. In conjunction with avocado oil, Vitamin C and E help hydrate skin, while CBD and Aloe Vera help reduce redness and puffiness.

Incredible savings for Mother’s Day Gift 2021

When it comes to Mother’s Day skincare gift sets, nothing can beat the incredible value of Poko’s Nourishing Skincare Gift Set. It retails for only £70! If you buy all these products individually, they can add up to approximately £82.85. This means that when you purchase the Nourishing Skincare Gift set, you can save up to 15%!

Poko's Luxury Facial Oil

Why your Mum will love this

After a harsh winter, your mum’s skin will need a pick- me- up. This Nourishing Skincare Gift set will help her:

  • Effectively fight against dullness, dryness, and signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines
  • Keep her skin hydrated and balanced without clogging pores
  • Brighten those under-eye circles
  • Attain 24- hour hydration and plump, dewy skin.

Mother’s Day gift set offer - Anti-Ageing Skincare Gift Set

Among all other Mother’s Day skincare gift sets, another great value one is Poko’s Anti-Ageing Skincare Gift Set. It contains a perfect bundle of the following items from our Rejuvenate Range, to hydrate and brighten your mum’s skin:

  • Regenerating Collagen Moisturiser:

Retail Price: £34.95

Packed full of antioxidants, botanical oils, CBD, and aloe vera, this moisturiser helps keep the skin nourished with a youthful glow. The addition of Matrixyl 3000 regenerates collagen production, preventing sagging skin and helping fade fine lines.

  • Luxury Facial Oil:

Retail Price: £26.95

Formulated with omega fatty acid, vitamin-rich botanical oils and CBD, this luxurious oil helps promote surface hydration and a dewy glow. A few drops of this exquisitely fragrant facial oil could help your mum with a relaxing facial massage.

  • Correcting Eye Cream:

Retail Price: £23.95

Infused with nourishing fruit extracts, CBD and natural botanical oils, this lightweight cream helps hydrate the delicate under-eye skin area. The addition of aloe vera and avocado oil brightens dark circles and reduces puffiness. Moreover, this eye cream also provides the perfect hydrating base for under-eye concealer makeup. The makeup goes on smoothly, without cracking or drying throughout the day.

Why your Mum will love this

Younger-looking skin is every woman’s dream. Surprise your mum this year with this skincare skin set that is tailored for her skin type. This Anti-Ageing Skincare Gift Set will help her:

  • Achieve a nourished, hydrated, youthful-looking sign
  • Effectively tackle signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles
  • Minimize those pesky age spots, dullness, and uneven skin tone
  • Brighten those under-eye circles
  • achieve a unique and distinctive skincare experience, given the addition of CBD. This year, with both these incredible Mother’s Day skincare gift sets, give the gift of healthy, glowing skin to the one who has always put you first.
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