Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

It’s no secret that CBD, and in particular CBD cosmetics have become super ‘trendy’ these days. But for us, CBD is more than just a passing fad – it’s the key to making every day a ‘good skin day’. As well as that, we believe it’s the missing link between making skin care products that are effective and sustainable.

Why CBD skincare?

We want to deliver something new and innovative that has not yet been widely available on the skin care market. While many brands have dipped their toes in the CBD pond with a serum or face oil, we asked ourselves “If CBD can really do everything research says, why not develop a whole brand infused with CBD?”. As a result, Poko was born.

So how exactly does CBD work to support your skin’s overall health and balance?

Research shows that we have cannabinoid receptors in our skin which react to topical cannabinoids (like CBD cosmetics) as well as our body’s own naturally occurring cannabinoids. These CB receptors are found in hair follicle cells, sebaceous glands, sensory neurons, and immune cells. CB receptors are also found in keratinocytes, which are the most common types of skin cells. Keratinocytes are responsible for making the keratin protein to strengthen our skin, hair and nails. These receptors also play an important role in regulating inflammation and sensations like pain and itching in the skin.

The discovery of the skin’s cannabinoid receptors has opened a whole new realm of research into the ability of cannabinoid-based treatments (like CBD cosmetics) to provide relief for a huge range of skin conditions, including acne, psoriasis, dermatitis and wound-healing.

Our extraction process

We use pure, THC-free CBD extract sourced from Colorado. This is the epicentre of hemp, CBD and cannabis research in the United States. Before it makes it on to your bathroom shelf, our products have been rigorously tested for quality, safety and purity.

We use CBD isolate in our products because we believe that when it comes to CBD cosmetics, pure CBD extract is more beneficial than using full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD. While there is research to show that broad-spectrum CBD might be more beneficial when ingested, by isolating CBD into its purest form, we can infuse our products with more potent, effective concentrations of cannabidiol to produce real results. By using CBD isolate we can also give our customers the peace of mind that no THC will end up in their skin care products.

To maintain the highest standard of pure CBD isolate, we use an ethanol extraction method to filter the active compound out of plant matter. This method also prevents the CBD becoming oxidized, which reduces the potency of a product.