Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

We want to transform your skincare routine.

We are a proud Irish owned brand, developing skincare with a unique touch. 

Where we started

Over the years we have tried numerous products, specifically skincare products for oily and problem skin. From treatment masks to mattifying toners, some helped but there was nothing we loved or continued to use.

Our team has years of experience working in the CBD and beauty industry, and we are on a mission to transform the face of skincare products. By using CBD in combination with skin-loving ingredients, we want to help people change their outlook on skincare and their overall skin health.

It’s no secret that CBD cosmetics have become super trendy over the last few years. But for us, CBD is more than just a passing fad. We believe it’s the way to make every day a ‘good skin day’. We feel it’s the missing link between making skincare products that are effective and sustainable.

What makes Poko unique? Simplicity.

Poko is about simple ingredients making simple products. 

While CBD is the main ingredient in everything we create, we wanted to deliver something new and innovative, too.

Poko consists of three different ranges Rejuvenate, Radiance and Revive. Each one is designed to suit various skin types, although they can be mixed together to suit your perfect combination. We don't discriminate. 


We pride ourselves on being transparent.

Having the correct information is essential for choosing products for your skin. Which is why you can always find a complete list of ingredients on our website.

Our products are cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and 100% Poko perfect.


Everyone deserves healthy skin. 

That’s why we strive to match affordability with quality. Each ingredient is selected to help your skin achieve its natural radiance.

So how exactly does CBD work to support your skin’s overall health and balance?

Did you know our bodies have cannabinoid (CB) receptors?

In fact, you can find CB receptors in hair follicle cells, sebaceous glands, sensory neurons, and even immune cells.

Importantly, CB receptors are also found in the skin, inside cells called keratinocytes. Keratinocytes are responsible for making the keratin protein to strengthen our skin, hair and nails. These receptors strongly react and interact to topical cannabinoids (like CBD cosmetics) to create more radiant skin.

Receptors also play an important role in regulating inflammation and sensations like pain and itching in the skin.

The extraction process

We use pure, THC-free CBD extracts sourced from Colorado. This is the epicentre of hemp, CBD and cannabis research in the United States. Before getting to your shelf, our products have been rigorously tested for quality, safety and purity.

We use CBD isolate in our products because we believe that when it comes to CBD cosmetics, pure CBD extract is more beneficial than using full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD.

While there is research to show that broad-spectrum CBD might be more beneficial when ingested, by isolating CBD into its purest form, we can infuse our products with more potent, effective concentrations of cannabidiol to produce real results.

By using CBD isolate you have peace of mind that no THC ends up in your skincare products.

To maintain the highest standard of pure CBD isolate, we use an ethanol extraction method to filter the active compound out of plant matter. This method also prevents the CBD becoming oxidized, which reduces the potency of a product.

The ingredients we use

Our products contain the highest grade of CBD, with no harsh chemicals, pesticides or metals and are non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). All our products are free from silicone, phthalate, gluten, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dye, mineral oil, palm oil.

The main ingredients found in our skincare is aloe vera and CBD. Our products utilize aloe vera’s most beneficial extracts to supercharge the skin with the nutrients it needs. When coupled with the soothing properties of CBD, this duo keeps skin balanced and healthy for a clearer complexion.

We use plant oils like olive oil, apricot kernel oil, baobab oil, moringa oil and sunflower seed oil, rich in essential fatty acids like linoleic and oleic acid.

Natural hydrating factors like aloe vera juice and vegetable glycerin are used to keep the skin quenched. These natural humectants draw water out of the air and into the skin, while also pulling water up from the deepest layers of the dermis to maintain surface hydration and banish flakes. As well as keeping skin hydrated, our aloe vera extract soothes angry skin for a dewy, balanced complexion.

We use fruit and plant extracts that are packed full of antioxidants to nourish your skin and keep skin protected from environmental damage. Our plant extracts like raspberry extract, fig extract, aloe vera extract and green tea extract are packed with vitamin A, C and E as well as plant sterols and enzymes.