Gift-giving just got a little easier – with Poko, of course. After all, we can all agree that good skin is the gift that keeps on giving. Now, you can give that to someone, whether it’s to help them establish a skincare routine, or help kick off someone else’s #cleanbeauty journey. Our stellar selection comprises four splendid options. Choose from the Essentials Skincare Gift Set, featuring the essentials – a cleanser, toner, and moisturiser they’re sure to love. Alternatively, you could opt for the Glow-Up Gift Set, the perfect way to encourage someone to level up their skincare game. In addition to this, our Hydration Duo Gift Set is nothing short of a bestseller, especially during the colder, drier months. Last – but certainly not least – on our list is the Timeless Gift Set. Featuring our award-winning Correcting Eye Cream, it’s the quintessential way to show someone that you care for their wellbeing – skin included.

No matter which one you choose, however, you can rest assured that with Poko, you’ve truly picked from the best of the best. Formulated with a selection of natural ingredients, and skin-loving actives, Poko doesn’t just feel good on the skin – it offers solutions that work. For every occasion, for every skin type or concern, for everyone you care about, it doesn’t get any better than our skincare gift sets. At Poko, we believe that everyone deserves good skin, and now, we’re offering the chance to give that to the people you care about. With our Skincare sets, you’ll kickstart a lifelong interest in cruelty-free, vegan-friendly beauty which is perfect for him/her.

Curated because we care, our skincare gift sets highlight specific, skin-related concerns. After all, we know that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to skincare. However, we do believe that skincare routines can be more streamlined – especially by utilising our selection of multi-purpose, multi-functional skincare products. Before making a purchase, learn all about our skincare gift sets here, so you can really, truly give someone the #pokoperfect gift set for them.

Which skincare gift set should you choose?

Our skincare gift sets for her or him take all the stress out of gift shopping. With four different sets to choose from, there’s something for everyone – regardless of skin type. However, we want to make things even easier for you. We’ve put together a little cheat sheet for all our Skincare sets, so you’ll know just what to get someone. Whether you’re looking to help them address a certain skin condition, or want to help bolster a specific skin type, our handy list adds yet another layer of convenience to shopping for gifts!

Dry and dehydrated skin: The Hydration Duo Skincare Gift Set

Our Hydration Duo Skincare Gift contains two phenomenal skincare products to encourage better hydration. It’s also a great gift for people with an established skincare routine, as it comes with two products that anyone will love, formulated to slip seamlessly into a fixed skincare routine. Simply swap empties out for two new products – and who doesn’t need a new cleanser or a moisturiser? – and they’re good to go. This set features Poko’s:

  • Purifying Gel Cleanser: Formulated with ingredients like aloe vera leaf extract, fruit extract, glycerin, and botanical oils, the Purifying Gel Cleanser helps restart the skin with every cleanse. It works to gently cleanse the skin of oily buildup and dead skin cells, leaving it ready for the next steps in the skincare routine. It slips seamlessly into established skincare routines, and can be used twice daily, without throwing off the skin’s pH balance, or drying it out.
  • Light Hydrating Moisturiser: At Poko, we know the ins and outs of skin pretty well. We also know that inundating dry or dehydrated skin with a thick, occlusive moisturiser can cause breakouts, whiteheads, and oiliness. Instead, we recommend starting out slow to slowly build up hydration levels – with our Light Hydrating Moisturiser. It encourages hydration for up to 72 hours after application, and contains a selection of natural ingredients. These include vegetable glycerin, fructose, and urea, which work to form a protective layer on the skin to lock in moisture.

In addition to these two skin-savers, our Hydration Duo Set also comes with our Reusable Cotton Pad. It’s a brilliant alternative to makeup wipes and disposable cotton pads. It also offers a gentle alternative to silicone face scrubbers, which can be far too harsh on dry and dehydrated skin. With this set, you won’t just encourage a healthier natural moisture barrier, and improved hydration levels. You’ll also encourage better, more sustainable cleansing habits.

On their own, this combination retails at upwards of €55. However, with our Hydration Duo Skincare Gift Set retailing at €51.00, you stand to save whenever you purchase it. No matter the occasion – birthdays, the festive season, a celebratory gift – savings matter, and every little helps!

New skincare enthusiast: The Essentials Skincare Gift Set

Good skin starts with a solid foundation, and with our Essentials Gift Set, you’re giving them just that. It’s an excellent gifting option for someone looking to dip their toes into clean beauty, vegan-friendly skincare, or just skincare in general. This set contains all the skincare essentials – no more, no less. Suitable for all skin types, it addresses a wide range of concerns, from dullness and dryness, to blemishes and premature signs of ageing. Our Essentials Skincare Set contains:

  • Purifying Gel Cleanser: Rich in niacinamide and witch hazel extract, this cleanser works to cleanse the skin without leaving it dry and tight. It boasts a selection of properties due to its non-exhaustive list of natural ingredients – it works to address inflammation and stop breakouts, it helps lock in moisture, it addresses hyperpigmentation. Formulated to work effectively on all skin types, the Purifying Gel Cleanser offers the perfect cleanse without compromising moisture barriers, or affecting the natural balance of the skin.
  • Brightening Rosewater Toner: The skincare industry has long since graduated from the harsh, astringent-based toners of our youth. Instead, Poko is proud to introduce our Brightening Rosewater Toner. It helps strip impurities from the skin, leaving it perfectly cleansed and ready for moisturisers, serums, and essences. Formulated with a selection of natural ingredients, the toner contains rose floral water to address redness and inflammation, while leaving the skin bright and dewy. It also contains glycerin, to hydrate the skin while it cleanses.
  • Light Hydrating Moisturiser: Our Light Hydrating Moisturiser is a remarkable little product, offering up to 72-hour hydration after application. It’s also extremely light, making it the perfect moisturiser for anyone with oily or acne-prone skin, as it’s non-comedogenic and non-occlusive. However, it works just as well on dry and dehydrated skin. It contains a selection of natural ingredients, including vegetable glycerin, to form a protective barrier, sealing moisture into the skin.

On their own, these three products retail for upwards of €76. However, with our Essentials Skincare Gift Set, you can avail of them for only €55 – truly a luxury gift at an affordable price point. Plus, it works beautifully for all skin types, even the most sensitive or acne-prone. Therefore, if you’re buying a gift, but you aren’t sure about the ins and outs of their skin type, you can’t go wrong with this versatile, skin-loving option! 

At-home skinfluencer: The Glow-Up Skincare Gift Set

They know the ins and outs of layering, can identify skin types at a glance, and their skincare shelfie is the stuff of dreams (or nightmares, if you strive for a minimalist lifestyle). So, what do you get someone whose skincare knowledge rivals yours? Poko’s Glow-Up Skincare Set, of course! It’s perfect for all skin types – although people with dry skin seem rather partial to it. Each Glow-Up Skincare Gift Set contains:

  • Brightening Rosewater Toner: This toner adds a luxurious layer to a cleanse, without compromising the skin’s natural moisture barrier. As with other Poko offerings, it’s formulated with a selection of skin-loving natural ingredients. These include rose floral water, aloe vera leaf juice, and glycerin. Together, this hydrating skincare cocktail works to address hyperpigmentation and excess sebum production, leaving the skin completely cleansed, soft, and supple.
  • Correcting Eye Cream: It’s no secret that we’re more than a little proud of our Correcting Eye Cream. Over the past two years, it’s won a couple of awards, making it one of the most sought-after eye care products on the market. It also contains a smorgasbord of natural ingredients to help address dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness. These ingredients include botanical oils, aloe vera juice, and natural extracts – all safe and effective for use on the delicate skin under the eyes.
  • Luxury Facial Oil: Our Luxury Oil is a fan favourite and an award-winner! With it, you can’t go wrong. Formulated to bolster and protect the natural moisture barrier, it’s brimming with vitamins and nutrients – vitamins A, D, E, and F, to name a few. Its fragrance evokes memories of spa days and massages, and it’s guaranteed to live up to its name. Plus, this multipurpose wonder is suitable for use with a gua sha or jade roller, as a hair mask, and as a surface hydrator in both AM and PM routines.

It also comes with our Reusable Cotton Pad, to encourage healthier, more gentle cleansing habits. At Poko, we know that you can’t put a price on good skin. However, with our Glow-Up Skincare Gift Set, we’ve come pretty close to that. Retailing at just €66, you’re truly giving someone the gift of good healthy skin – a healthy glow to get them through the post-celebration crash. Individually, these products retail for upwards of €80, which means that with this gift set, you’re not just giving premium skincare; you’re also getting premium savings.

Mature skin: The Timeless Skincare Gift Set

Buying a gift for a grandmother, mum, or favourite aunt can be difficult, to say the least. After all, what do you get the woman who has everything? Well, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, luxury skincare, of course! At Poko, our Timeless Skincare Gift Set is curated for people with mature skin, to address common skincare issues faced by that demographic. Each of these sets contains:

  • Correcting Eye Cream: It’s award-winning, formulated with natural ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, it tackles fine lines and dark circles – what’s not to love? This eye cream is a clear winner in our books, boasting practically instant results. We understand that fine lines and wrinkles can appear far more prominent on mature skin. In our Correcting Eye Cream, aloe vera juice and oat silk work in tandem to tackle this, promising plumper, brighter eyes.
  • Soothing Serum: As we age, our skin becomes more sensitive to the elements. This can induce redness, breakouts, and irritation – and at the most inopportune moments, too. Thankfully, our Soothing Serum is here to put the kibosh on sensitivity and redness. Infused with calming natural ingredients, the serum contains aloe vera powder to protect the skin and soothe redness. It also contains tea tree oil, to prevent future breakouts and promote healing.
  • Regenerating Collagen Moisturiser: Mature skin can often see a dip in collagen levels, resulting in sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles. However, our Regenerating Collagen Moisturiser bolsters the skin’s health – naturally, of course. It contains Matrixyl 3000, a synthetic peptide that encourages natural collagen production. This, in turn, boosts the skin’s collagen levels, encouraging higher production levels. With consistency, this benefits the skin, as it offers a permanent solution to decreasing collagen levels.

Individually, these skincare products retail for just under €100. However, by availing of the Timeless Skincare Gift Set, you can proudly present this to your loved ones for no less than €71. That’s right – at Poko, we’re not just kind to your skin, or to the environment. We’re also kind to your bank account, granting you access to some of the best skincare gift sets at a reasonable price.

Key Takeaways

We’re all familiar with the phrase, “It’s the thought that counts.”, and no truer words have ever been spoken – especially with skincare gift sets. Giving the gift of good skin tells someone that you care about their wellbeing, that you want to encourage them to take care of themselves.

When you give Poko as a gift, you’re saying so much more than that – it’s luxury skincare, made accessible to your loved ones. Each gift set is Poko-perfectly curated for different skin types, to address different skin types, concerns, and levels of skincare-related enthusiasm. This year, tell someone you care about their wellbeing – and say it with Poko.