What do you use CBD balm for?

A CBD balm has healing and restorative properties to target specific concerns. CBD balms UK may be used to help moisturise skin and relieve soreness, discomfort, and inflammation. For example, Poko’s Recovery Warming Balm can be used to help soothe menstrual and general pain. Many people who like to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle use CBD balms nowadays. While a CBD muscle balm can help with tired and sore muscles and help relieve joint pain, it can also be a perfect addition to your skincare routine. This is due to its hydrating and skin-nourishing properties.

How does our CBD Muscle Balms work?

When you apply a CBD balm onto your skin, it absorbs the cannabinoids which then tend to interact with the cannabinoid receptors nearby. The main purpose of the balm is to provide relief to a specific area. However, studies on CBD topicals suggest that the skin absorbency is quite weak, in comparison to other mucous membranes. The CBD seldom reaches the bloodstream. Therefore, for CBD balms to work well and penetrate that dermal barrier to a large extent, you have to apply them liberally. Only then can your pores absorb enough cannabidiol for targeted healing. You should also try and use the best CBD balm which has a remarkably high concentration of cannabidiol. Poko’s Recovery balm range is particularly effective, as it contains 500 mg of pure CBD isolate.

How do you apply Poko balms?

To start, clean and dry the skin first. Then apply Poko CBD balm to the skin in gentle circular motions. Take care to massage it completely into the area you’re treating and add more as needed. You can apply the CBD balm up to three times daily. You should also avoid the eye, mouth and nose area. All CBD balms by Poko are suitable for everyday use and all types of skin.

Which balm should I choose?

When choosing a CBD balm, you should first identify the skin concern you wish to target. Each product in Poko’s CBD balm range has a specific purpose:
  • Poko Recovery Warming Balm: This has been specifically formulated to target menstrual as well as general pain. While CBD helps soothe painful menstrual cramps, other ingredients such as Comfrey oil and Capsicum Oleoresin provide heat to help relieve tension. This Recovery Warming Balm can offer great comfort at that dreaded time of the month when cramps are their worst.
  • Poko Recovery Cooling Balm:This Cooling CBD Balm is targeted towards muscle and back pain. The cooling properties of menthol combined with cannabidiol help lower body temperature and cool down flushed skin and aching muscles.
  • Poko Recovery Lemon and Ginger Balm: This CBD balm is not just meant as a daily moisturising pain relief balm. It also helps with back acne and nourishing the skin. Both Lemon and Ginger contain powerful antioxidants and vitamins that make this the best CBD balm in the UK.


Is CBD balm good for your face?

Since CBD balm is a topical product, it can be applied anywhere on the body. However, you are usually better off using CBD balm on your face if it is made specifically for facial skin.

What are the balms made from?

Poko’s CBD Balms are made from premium quality CBD extract that is THC free and contains no harsh chemicals or pesticides. We use all-natural ingredients, and our balms are vegan, cruelty-free and non-GMO. Poko’s CBD balms contain a variety of different essential oils such as comfrey oil, lemongrass essential oil and ginger essential oils among others. We also use vegetable glycerine in our balms to keep skin nourished and hydrated.

Does CBD balm work for pain?

Several studies suggest that CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Anecdotal evidence from CBD users also points out that CBD balms UK can help manage localised pain and soreness.

Can it help with anxiety?

No, topical CBD products such as CBD balms do not help with anxiety. Other forms of ingestible CBD products are popular for anxiety and stress relief.

Are there any side effects?

CBD balms UK do not have any notable side effects. While some users do report feeling more drowsy or relaxed, this can be a natural effect of CBD balm helping to soothe muscle pain or soreness that might be stressing them out. However, before using any balms, it is always best to check the ingredients to make sure you don’t have any allergies to them.

How fast does it work?

You should feel the effects of Poko’s Recovery Warming Balm and Cooling Balm straight away.