20 Awesome Benefits of Baobab Oil for Your Skin

20 Awesome Benefits of Baobab Oil for Your Skin

20 Awesome Benefits of Baobab Oil for Your Skin

Often referred to as “the lost fruit”, baobab oil from the fruit kernels of the baobab tree is an incredibly nutrient-dense food produced in dry weather conditions. While drying naturally on the branch, the baobab tree produces a raw wholefood fruit that is in slow competition with more familiar citrus’ such as oranges and lemons.

Certainly undervalued across seas, the baobab oil benefits for skin are becoming more valued in the cosmetic industry as knowledge is growing. We’re proud to say that Poko has already seen its value in a range of our skincare treats - we know the deal.

So, where does baobab seed oil come from?

Baobab oil originates from the baobab tree or Adansonia, a fruit tree in the southern countries of Africa. If you were to go on a tree hunt, your best bet would be to visit dry conditions in areas such as Kenya, Malawi, or Madagascar. The baobab tree may also be found in drier, mainland Australia or some regions of Asia.

Often described as an “upside down tree” the baobab tree oddly resembles a large, stumpy root above ground that holds significant quantities of water during times of drought. When in bloom, the tree resembles a distinctive semi-circular shaped head. Some baobab trees have grown to such heights that they have even become national landmarks.

To include this ingredient in powerful skincare formulas, it first comes from the fruit seed oil of the baobab tree. Pale white in colour, the baobab tree fruit has a citrus flavour and mimics the look of Turkish delight coated in sherbet or cream of tartar. The kernels are highly nourishing and contain high levels of vitamin C, among other benefits.

The 20 amazing benefits of baobab oil for your skin

​​Now that we’ve covered its history, it’s time to reveal the benefits and uses of baobab seed oil for skin! As we mentioned before, the baobab tree grows in numerous high-heat and dry locations around the world. Depending on where the baobab seed oil is sourced, varying levels of the following nutrients differ.

Vitamin C

The baobab fruit and its kernels is said to contain seven times as many strengths of vitamin C than other citrus fruit competitors. Hard to believe that it’s not more mainstream, right?

Vitamin C is essential for the health of our skin, promoting radiance and a natural brightening glow, which may be useful for dark spots or hyperpigmentation. When in the presence of other vitamins, Vit C plays a significant supporting role in the performance of other nutrients.

Vitamin B

What we love about skin care with vitamin B, is just how much it can enhance your natural complexion. Common B vitamins include niacinamide, biotin, and panthenol. These work to produce a healthy skin surface that acts as a barrier against redness and sensitive skin.

When our bodies have a vitamin B deficiency, this can cause unwanted blemishes and acne, as well as skin rashes, dry skin, and general sensitivity. It’s no wonder why so many brands are including vitamin Bs in their products, and we’ve found one of the best sources of vitamin B is baobab oil.

Fatty Acids Omega 3, 6, and 9 fight acne

We love using omega-rich fatty acids in our formula due to the incredibly high nutritious content of these acids. They improve the skin by regulating its oil production, hydration levels, and reduces the signs of ageing and acne flare-ups.

Another benefit is the use of baobab oil for acne. Its high linoleic acid content reduces puffiness and swelling of flare-ups on the face, helping to support the skin’s recovery. Its anti-inflammatory properties help soothe painful dry skin on the face related to irritation, dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis.

The rich omega content target’s inflamed skin and helps restore it to a calmer state.

Fine lines and wrinkles

Another benefit is the use of baobab oil for wrinkles. As we age, our skin’s collagen production tends to slow down significantly. Essentially, collagen supports the elasticity of our skin - which helps our skin bounce back into place after a good laugh.

As well as that, the elasticity of our skin helps it look plump and younger. This can be a hard pill to swallow as it decreases. Over time, our laughs and frowns play a role in the lines present on the skin’s surface.

Baobab oil fights the breakdown of collagen by locking in moisture that helps promote healthy collagen production.

Fine lines and wrinkles are caused by, you guessed it, the breakdown of collagen. UV rays, poor diet, not enough sleep, and more can cause collagen breakdown (and eventually wrinkles). Luckily, baobab oil’s rich antioxidants help to preserve collagen. Baobab oil keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay by protecting against collagen breakdown.


As with many oils, some people may worry about clogging their pores which often leads to acne and dull skin. However, baobab oil is non-comedogenic, containing a low comedogenic rating of 2. On a scale of 0-5, a rating of 2 is a very low likelihood of clogging pores. Good to know for those with sensitive skin.

Microbiome friendly

Baobab oil for skin also acts as a microbiome friendly nutrient. An unbalanced microbiome in the skin is difficult to detect and prevent, and it can wreak havoc on your skin.

To put it simply, the human body is made up of various cells, including microbial cells and human cells. Microbial cells can be defined as any fungi and general bacteria that is present on the skin. Though this seems a little gross (we know) our skin actually needs vital bacteria to function in a balanced condition.

An unbalanced microbiome leads to acne, breakouts, and general skin issues. Microbiome friendly skincare ensures the skin is in optimal condition, and it supplements the skin to be healthy.

Powerful emollient

Drawing moisture to the skin and allowing it to stay put, baobab oil also acts as a powerful emollient. When present in skincare, the fruit oil retains moisture. Making it a moisturiser for our skin’s surface by softening and smoothing the skin.


Calcium is another important mineral that enters the skin’s layers to promote a healthy glow. It encourages the regulation of sebum, which is immensely important so that our skin remains clear and dewy.

Calcium in baobab oil can stimulate the production of the enzymes in our skin, helping to support efficient cell turnover. This can lead to the plumping of the skin.


Another incredible benefit, potassium, acts in a similar way to encourage a healthy skin condition. Potassium from baobab oil is an alkaline ingredient that helps regulate the water production and overall calmness of the skin. As an alkaline, potassium also stabilises the pH of a product and aids in protecting your skin’s natural flora.


Baobab seed oil for skin protects against free radicals from outside factors, including UV ray damage, air pollution, seasonal weather changes, and harsh environmental conditions. Its antioxidant properties ensure it attempts to protect your skin when you are faced with some of these elements.

The high iron content present in baobab oil acts as a powerful protector against oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can usually occur from photo-induced skin damage or ultraviolet (UVA) damage from exposure to sunlight, and even our phone screens, computers, and general blue light technology.

Imagine leaving your house during a bitter cold winter’s day without any moisturiser on at all? Well, if your moisturiser doesn’t contain the right ingredients, you may as well.

Gentle cleanser

When used alone or as an ingredient in a facial oil, such as our Luxury Facial Oil, the baobab ingredient can be used as a gentle cleanser. Use the double cleanse method as a way to melt makeup and impurities from the skin. Then, follow up with a splash of water or your favourite milky cleanser to remove any residue.

Double cleansing is a new trend that involves using oil to break down makeup and daily dirt on your face, before washing with your favourite cleanser. By using an oil first, it helps the skin draw out impurities and softens the skin’s texture. Creating the perfect balance to correctly cleanse the skin, without stripping it or using harsh makeup wipes.

Hair, scalp, and nails

Although this list is for skin, we can’t deny the benefits baobab oil has for the other areas of the body, too. It truly is a hero ingredient, nourishing the hair follicles and nail beds as it is applied to them. If using baobab oil in raw form on the skin, rub the remaining residue into your hands and nails for added oomph to your routine!

Health from within

There are so many baobab oil benefits for the skin, especially when applied in skincare. Also, the fruit is considered to be a superfood to provide these essential nutrients from within.

Although this may take longer to see results on the skin, research suggests that implementing the fruit into your diet regularly will see results over time.

Given the nickname of the ‘small pharmacy tree’ or ‘chemist tree’, it’s no wonder knowledge is growing on this wholesome fruit.

Sustainability and biodiversity

We previously mentioned baobab as “the lost fruit”, undervalued in many areas of the world as a crop with huge selling potential. An unexpected benefit of baobab seed oil is how your choice to include it in your life will support the livelihood and prosperity of the tree. And, the communities that provide it.

Aduna has highlighted the importance of supporting the baobab tree. As it grows mainly in rural areas of Africa, the cultivation of this crop supports the communities and households in these areas by creating employment, opportunities, and reducing migration. As demand for the baobab tree seed oil increases, more trees are being planted to provide for worldwide markets.

Here at Poko, we understand that these are important issues. #MakeBaobabFamous

Where can I find baobab oil for skin?

Our Luxury Facial Oil contains high levels of the natural super-ingredient baobab seed oil. Bringing a spa experience to your home, our facial oil also contains goodies such as nourishing CBD oil, crambe seed oil, pomegranate oil, and moringa oil, to give your skin an envious glow.

Our delicate floral oil can be used alone to give your skin a dewy finish and helps you embrace your natural look, without clogging pores or leaving any heavy residue. For a little extra coverage on our extra tired days (Mondays), the luxury oil can be mixed into your favourite foundation or BB cream for a glossy skin complexion.

Pat the Luxury Facial Oil lightly into the skin as the last step in your nighttime skincare routine, or first thing in the morning to help you wake up! The oil continues to keep your face supple as you sleep, retaining moisture from your other favourites such as the Regenerating Collagen Moisturiser.

So, is baobab oil good for skin?

The raw wholefood that is the baobab fruit has the potential to erupt with popularity over the foreseeable future. Due to its highly nutritious nature, and continuing plans for cultivation, the baobab tree is a resource that has many advantages.

Not to mention, if baobab oil can add value to livelihoods while adding value to our skin, what’s not to like?

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