Can I use CBD for ease period pain?

Can I use CBD for ease period pain?

Can I use CBD for ease period pain?

Many women experience menstrual discomfort before, during, or even after their period has finished. Sometimes, our bodies aren’t very fair to us. But, we may be able to use CBD for period pain to curb those pesky cramps.

For years, we’ve been using heat pads, hot water bottles, and endless cups of hot liquids (chocolate included) to ease pain related to our menstrual cramps (or PMS). What if we told you there’s another way to calm the issue and offer some much-needed pain relief support with CBD products.

CBD is popping up just about everywhere as a method of maintaining pain in many regards. After all, we’re seeing the active ingredient being used time and time again in various product forms. It seems you can’t perform an online search for pain relief without seeing CBD as an option. If you happen to search for period pain cannabis - you may also be intrigued by its popularity.

But, is it all with reason? When it comes to female health, we get the importance of trying to mitigate period pains - really, we do. So, let’s take a look into it and see if we can get some answers.

Woman trying to ease her period pain with hot water bottle

Spill the tea

You might be wondering what science there is to support using CBD for period pain. Well, if you research specifically, “CBD for period pain” you may not find too many studies on the subject. However, there are many studies suggesting the effectiveness of CBD. Essentially, CBD is said to help support pain management in general - which is good news for us period folks.

Objectively, how it works to assist our moments of pain is constantly being studied, developed, and expanded. To understand how CBD may support menstrual pain, let’s first consider why periods are so painful.

During our period, our uterus works to shed its lining by performing a number of muscle contractions. To try and clarify, prostaglandins perform the bodily tasks involved in the menstrual cycle and affect the level of inflammation as a result of these contractions. This can be similar to labour pains during pregnancy and are not to be taken lightly.

How can CBD help with my period pain?

When used topically, CBD in creams or balms can be used to deliver the active ingredient through the skin into the area of concern. In this case, our lower stomach, back, and even upper thighs can be tender from period-related issues. As well as that, the endocannabinoid system present in the human body, essentially, is the system responsible for how CBD affects our management of pain.

So, how does CBD translate to the body's pain management? Studies have demonstrated that the “transdermal application of CBD oil can achieve significant improvement in pain and other disturbing sensations in patients with peripheral neuropathy.”

A further 2020 study on CBD as a treatment of acute and chronic back pain on select patients mentions how CBD is taken through the skin to help manage pain receptors. The authors demonstrate how CBD as a transdermal cream was a significant management tool to provide support to the patient’s varying pain.

This study is one of many ongoing looks into the use of CBD for maintaining pain relief. The authors even suggest that further investigation is vital to conduct in order to find out if CBD “should have a more prominent role in the treatment of acute and chronic pain”. It's possible, hemp oil for menstrual cramps may be the secret we've all been asking for.

CBD oil and endometriosis

If you know this condition and the excruciating pain it can produce, then we really feel for you. Endometriosis is no joke - causing the tissue similar to the lining of the womb to grow where it naturally shouldn't, such as the ovaries and fallopian tubes. This process is particularly painful and can have a significant impact on your regular cycle.

Luckily, cannabidiol acts as a management solution to sufferers in that it can support symptoms related to the condition. As this goes a little further than usual period pains, it wouldn't hurt to speak with your doctor for some advice about the benefits of CBD and to develop a personal treatment plan.

The perfect product to calm your period cramps 

Poko's Recovery Warming Balm

With a cannabidiol potency of 500 mg, the high-quality warming balm uses a blend of non-psychoactive organic  CBD and capsicum oleoresin to combat dull aches and pains in your area of concern. Capsicum oleoresin acts as an extract of bell peppers (genus Capsicum) to support the control of pain signals to the brain.

Poko Recovery Warming Balm

This Recovery Warming Balm is part of our new collection Recovery. It consists of three CBD muscles balms

The ingredient is a powerful player in providing essential analgesic properties that have been studied to manage varying neuropathic pain. Additionally, comfrey oil has the ability to treat pain-related issues due to its natural plant chemicals. The oil has been used historically to manage pain related to sprains, muscles, bruises, and tissue damage.

Some like it...warm?

As we mentioned above, heat pads and hot water bottles are used for a reason. The heat not only comforts us and our bodies but also provides significant pain relaxation.

Our warming balm is a game-changer that provides a very similar heating effect. When applied to the skin, the balm heats up nearly instantly to provide you with some much-needed solace. Notably, it can really amp up your routine in calming your menstrual pain.

Don’t worry, though, as our balm never gets too hot - it provides a gentle warming experience that is both effective and comforting. In actuality, this is an important factor. Often times, it is difficult to control the temperature of hot water bottles, which may result in irritation of the skin.

Be careful about applying hot items to the skin such as scalding hot water bottles. Maybe, opt for a topical balm instead.

Woman massaging her stomach

Massage, and then massage some more

Who doesn’t love a massage? A little bit of TLC goes a long way during bouts of painful periods. Massaging the product into the skin not only feels comforting but also increases its properties. Kneading the product into the skin not only helps to soothe the contracting muscles but will encourage blood flow and the menstruation process in the womb.

As a suggestion, use a decent-sized amount of the product up to 3 times daily onto the area of pain. Work the product into the skin in circular motions to encourage a healthy pain treatment and to help ease inflammation related to bloating. Petroleum jelly makes the application of the product simple and easy, providing a perfect consistency for massaging purposes.

CBD for period pain relief doesn’t end there

Although period pain is often felt in the areas of the lower abdomen, our recovery balm can be enjoyed elsewhere on the body to treat general aches and pains. Once you try the CBD balm for period pains, you’ll be curious to try it on other areas too.

Furthermore, it’s important to remember to look after yourself during your period. Once you’ve got your cramps sorted, maybe it’s time to indulge in some “you” time. It's easier said than done, but maybe your TOM could be your time when you try to focus on healing.

Some people enjoy a light exercise routine to help control some issues of menstrual pain. Whereas, others prefer to find reassurance on the couch with their favourite film and snacks (duvet essential). Whatever your preferred method, a general suggestion is to look after your body in the best way that’s possible for you.

We’ve got your back. Period.

The current capabilities of CBD for period pain and inflammation are ongoing and significant. With so many women experiencing menstrual discomfort and cramps during their periods, it’s no wonder that CBD is taking to the stage.

Various studies are available on how CBD may help to soothe issues of experiencing pain. How CBD works with the body is interesting and research is still ongoing.

It's important to look after your wellbeing during the stressful time of the month that is your period. Restoring balance and claiming back your mood is something that you shouldn't ignore.  CBD is a natural solution and a genuine contender in relaxing your feelings of pain.

We’ve noticed the capabilities and benefits of using CBD products, and so, created a perfect CBD balm for supporting the management of your painful menstrual cycle. PMS? More like pain management solution.

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