Which CBD muscle balm is right for me?

Which CBD muscle balm is right for me?

Which CBD muscle balm is right for me?

We are all familiar with lip balm. We probably have one within arm’s reach. And when you think of balm, you think of a healing, soothing product. But we might not be so familiar with the concept of a body balm. So let’s have a look at Poko’s great range of CBD muscle balms.

We have just launched three great balms with a range of uses – warming, cooling, and lemon and ginger. They are all completely natural and combine traditional skincare ingredients with the benefits of CBD. Each 50 ml CBD balm is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and contains no silicone. Let’s dive in.

Poko Recovery Warming Balm

This balm is enriched with ingredients like comfrey oil and capsicum that generate a feeling of warmth and comfort. This nourishing balm is a natural choice for the discomfort, cramps and bloating experienced during menstruation.

Comfrey oil is added as it has traditionally been used to treat muscle injuries and sprains. Therefore, the warming balm is ideal for applying after a workout or a run to ease aching joints and stiff muscles.

The CBD may also increase the balm’s nourishing properties by creating a sense of comfort and ease you into a relaxing sleep.

How to use it

Apply to the abdomen and lower back to ease away those dull aches and intense cramps. Keep a jar handy, so you can use it when you feel the first twinge of discomfort. Don’t wait until period pain is at its worst.

Simply rub in a generous amount when you are expecting cramps to start. Alternatively, apply before bed to encourage a calm and restful sleep.

Poko Recovery Cooling Balm

After a long day at work, or hunched over a computer, your shoulders and neck can take their revenge. Treat those tight, aching, nagging muscles with some love and the Poko Recovery Cooling Balm.

This is a silky-smooth CBD cream that can soothe and calm those aching muscles. CBD is appreciated for its anti-inflammatory properties, so it can directly target areas where you feel stress and tightness. The added menthol and minerals provide a zingy, stimulating effect to help energise you when you need it most.

Athletes are turning to CBD as they believe the anti-inflammatory properties can support a speedy recovery and muscle repair. The benefit of a CBD muscle balm is that you apply it only to the area causing you pain. Unlike a painkiller that affects the whole body, you are using a purely natural formulation to directly ease the problem area.

How to use it?

Apply the balm by rubbing it over the shoulders, neck and back, whenever it’s needed. For extra bliss, ask a partner to apply the muscle balm during a massage. In addition to soothing away muscle aches and strains, it’s also great for your skin and will moisturise as you massage.

How about using it after your workout or yoga session? That way you’ll promote healing and get faster relief before any muscle pain kicks in.

Poko Recovery Balm

Poko Recovery Lemon and Ginger CBD Balm

This CBD muscle balm sounds good enough to eat. And as you’d expect, it smells amazing. However, it is designed to be used after a workout or fitness session for two reasons.

Firstly, CBD is used by athletes to support and speed muscle recovery. They can then train at their best much sooner. Secondly, the active ingredients make it particularly suited to problem skin such as acne, especially on the body.

We’ve combined the benefits of CBD with lemongrass and ginger to tackle muscle strains before or after you feel them. Perfect after a gym session to treat yourself and comfort that hard-worked body.

Why does it work?

We’ve spoken about CBD and muscle recovery. But CBD is also a major player in supporting skin problems. Many people with acne or blemishes believe it can reduce swelling and redness. This makes it ideal as a complementary treatment for problem skin.

The lemon, ginger and CBD combined can help to tackle the pain associated with acne and reduce sebum, or oil, production. Excess sebum can be a factor in acne. Therefore, this balm can be an all-in-one to relieve and calm tired and inflamed skin.

How to use it

Apply the Recovery Lemon and Ginger CBD Balm after a hot shower. Clean skin will better absorb the balm’s goodness. Rub a generous amount into the back and shoulders. The active ingredients can then address redness, unclog pores and help reduce sebum production.

The balm also has a gloriously rich texture which makes it ideal as a massage butter. Pamper yourself after training then settle back to feel the glow of enhanced relaxation.

Which balm do I choose?

These three premium CBD muscle balms have energising and revitalising properties. They could be a great addition to your fitness plans and recovery routine. But they also offer the calming and restorative elements of 500 mg of CBD plus natural herbal extracts. You could find a place for all these beautiful balms in your bathroom cabinet or your gym bag.

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