Lemongrass essential oil benefits for your skin: Spotlight Ingredient

Lemongrass essential oil benefits for your skin: Spotlight Ingredient

Lemongrass essential oil benefits for your skin: Spotlight Ingredient

Lemongrass has played a starring role in both cosmetics and cuisines over the years. But what is all the fuss about? Well, it turns out that its vast popularity has something to do with the wide range of lemongrass essential oil benefits. Here, at Poko, we’re big fans of lemongrass, and that’s why we’ve included it in some of our products.

We think that this essential oil deserves a bit more attention, though, so we’ve chosen it as one of our spotlight ingredients. Let’s take a closer look!

If you haven’t heard of lemongrass essential oil before, don’t worry - we’re here to spill the beans. The term ‘lemongrass’ actually refers to a group of plants that are native to Asian countries.

The lemongrass essential oil botanical name, Cymbopogon, comes from the greek kymbe (“boat”) and pogon (“beard”). This roughly translates as “hairy spikelets projecting from boat-shaped spathes” - “lemongrass” sounds a lot cuter though, right?

Loaded with vitamins and minerals

One of the main lemongrass essential oil benefits is the impressive lineup of vitamins and minerals it contains. It’s really no wonder why this plant is so popular in both cosmetics and cooking. Some of the main nutrients are:

  • Iron: a mineral that the body needs for growth and development. It’s needed to help bring oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body. It’s also needed to make some hormones.
  • Calcium: a mineral needed to keep bones and teeth strong and healthy.
  • Vitamin C: aka ascorbic acid, is needed for the development and repair of all body tissues. This also contributes to collagen production, absorption of iron, and healing wounds.
  • Vitamin A: aka retinoids, can help the body maintain a healthy immune system. When used in skincare, it can help to reduce fine lines and pigmentation by boosting collagen production and cell turnover.

Lemongrass doesn’t just pack a nourishing punch, it also has a deliciously distinct flavour, so it’s hardly surprising that it’s so popular in cooking. But what about using it in skincare?

Packed with antioxidants

Lemongrass essential oil benefits us as a skincare ingredient because it is loaded with antioxidants. These are substances that help to protect the skin against free radicals and environmental factors like UV and pollution.

Free radicals are molecules that can stress and damage our skin cells, causing them to break down over time. As we age, our cells lose their ability to fend off these free radicals, which can lead to premature signs of ageing. That’s where lemongrass essential oil benefits us.

Woman touching her skin

It is packed with antioxidants that can help keep our skin looking and feeling young and healthy. Not only do they help to protect the skin from future damage, but they can also help to repair the skin too. This is key for those of us who suffer from dry, sensitive, or acne-prone skin. These antioxidants can help to heal irritated or red skin.

As if that wasn’t enough, antioxidants like vitamin C can also help to reduce the appearance of acne scarring and pigmentation by stimulating the production of new cells and collagen. This is a game-changer for skin texture and tone too, as it can help even everything out.

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Cooling and calming effects

We’ve mentioned before that lemongrass essential oil benefits those of us who suffer from sensitive or acne-prone skin because of its antioxidant properties. Well, lemongrass essential oil benefits the skin with its cooling and calming properties too.

If you suffer from dry skin or inflammatory skin conditions, you will know the discomfort of dry, flaky and irritated skin. The skin can often become red, itchy, and sore too. Luckily, lemongrass essential oil might help.

This natural coolant can help to calm the skin, reducing swelling and redness. Lemongrass essential oil soothes and nourishes the skin, relieving discomfort and helping to prevent further irritation.

Acne on womans skin

If you suffer from acne, you may also have experienced angry, sore skin. Luckily, lemongrass essential oil benefits acne-prone skin, as it can help calm hot, red, and angry skin. Its calming effects can help to reduce discomfort and swelling, providing swift relief. This will help calm the skin and support healing.

The cooling properties of lemongrass aren’t just limited to soothing the skin; it can also be used to calm sore and tired muscles. Lemongrass infused balms have long been used to reduce swelling and inflammation in the muscles, reducing recovery times significantly.

Heaps of hydration

One of the key elements of maintaining healthy skin is hydration. Dehydration can emphasise signs of ageing by making the skin look dull and tired. It can also exaggerate dark circles around the eyes. Yikes!

Dehydration is also a massive factor when it comes to acne breakouts. This might sound like an oxymoron, but oily or acne-prone skin might be lacking in moisture. Let us explain!

When the skin becomes dehydrated, it often overcompensates by producing more sebum. This natural oil protects the natural moisture barrier of the skin. However, if you have too much sebum, it can trigger acne breakouts.

It can be tempting to use harsh cleansers to remove the excess oil, but this will only dry the skin out further. What you really need is more moisture!

Woman applying moisturiser

You’ve guessed it: one of the main lemongrass essential oil benefits is adding moisture to your skincare routine. Lemongrass has emollient properties that can help to really lock in moisture.

Using a skincare lotion or balm that’s infused with lemongrass essential oil can help to prevent moisture loss and help to keep the skin feeling supple and glowing. This particular essential oil is lightweight and can offer heaps of hydration without clogging the pores - meaning it’s perfect for anyone who suffers from acne-prone skin.

By keeping the skin hydrated, you’re not only helping keep it look and feel smooth and healthy, but you’re also helping prevent further irritation. Making sure your skin is properly moisturised may help to prevent flare-ups of inflammatory skin conditions and acne breakouts.

Tackle that bacne

Bacne (back acne) is totally normal and more common than people realise. Whilst you may have flawless skin on your face, you could suffer from acne on your back or chest. Bacne, although similar to regular acne, might be more difficult to take care of.

The vast majority of skincare products are designed for use on your face, and it’s quite difficult to apply a 10 step skincare routine to your back.

Lemongrass essential oil might be just the ticket. As we know, lemongrass essential oil benefits our skin with its powerful antioxidant properties, along with its calming effects. It also offers us heaps of hydration. This makes it perfect for treating acne on your back, shoulders, chest, and even legs.

Using a lemongrass-infused lotion or balm for your bacne means that you can soothe the irritated skin, reducing any swelling and discomfort. This can help to alleviate the pain of pesky under-the-skin spots, whilst helping to bring down any redness.

As lemongrass is full of skin-loving vitamins and nutrients, it can also help the skin to heal. Bacne can often mean damaged, sore skin, and this plant extract may be able to help repair the skin faster; reducing the risk of further infection and irritation.

Lemongrass is also revered for its antibacterial properties. This means that it can also help fight spot-causing bacteria!

In addition, lemongrass may also help to prevent further breakouts. Making sure the skin is thoroughly moisturised may help to prevent the over-production of sebum, possibly reducing the occurrence of future breakouts. Lemongrass has also been known to help control sebum production too. It really is an oil of many talents.

Poko’s Lemon and Ginger Recovery Balm

Now, you can clearly see why we’re so mad about lemongrass essential oil. It’s hardly surprising that we’ve chosen to include it in one of our products. Introducing our Recovery Lemon and Ginger Balm.

We have carefully combined all of the lemongrass essential oil benefits with the CBD goodness that we all know and love. Of course, we’ve also included some other natural ingredients that we know you’ll love too.

Poko Lemon and Ginger Balm

It wouldn’t be Poko perfect if we forgot the CBD. For our products, we only use the best CBD extract to make sure you get all of the natural benefits of the compound. And our Lemon and Ginger Balm is certainly no exception.

Opting for a CBD-infused balm means that you can apply the compound directly to the affected area. This means that it can target the skin or muscle concern directly.

Lemongrass and CBD are truly a match made in heaven, as both are known for their soothing effects. Our Lemon and Ginger Balm is ideal to help calm sore and tired muscles after a rigorous workout or after a long, stressful day at the office.

It is also perfect for those of us who suffer from bacne. Applying this balm to affected areas can help to calm the irritated skin, whilst reducing redness and swelling.

Our balm is packed with natural nutrients that can also help the skin to heal and stay healthy. It’s lightweight and absorbs into the skin quickly, meaning it offers intense hydration without clogging the pores.

When life hands you lemon...grass?

You use it in your daily skincare routine! Using our silky skincare balm couldn’t be easier. We recommend trying it after a long, hot shower or bath. Our balm is luxurious, so set aside a little "me time" to truly enjoy the experience.

We recommend taking a generous amount of product and gently massaging it into the skin. This will help it absorb into the skin… and it will feel amazing. Massaging the balm in circular motions will also help to relieve tension in tight or sore muscles.

Take a moment to appreciate the fresh, invigorating scent of lemongrass and ginger.

Then, enjoy the calming and soothing effects the balm has on your skin, body, and mind. Don't just take our word for it - try our Recovery Balms here!

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