Essentials Skincare Gift Set

Essentials Skincare Gift Set



Poko’s Essentials Skincare Gift Set consists of, well, the essentials. It’s a great way to start someone on their all-natural skincare journey. At Poko, we pare things down to the basics, to really understand what the skin needs. When you give someone the essentials, you’re giving them exactly what they need and no less.

  • Comes with three skincare essentials: Brightening Rosewater Toner, Light Hydrating Moisturiser, and Purifying Gel Cleanser.
  • The perfect way to kickstart someone’s skincare journey.
  • Simply add SPF, and you’re good to go!


For dry, normal and oily skin


dull skin, anti-ageing, blemishes, and dryness

A great start to clean beauty

As a clean beauty brand, we make good-quality products from all-natural ingredients. Not only are these ingredients better for the skin and the environment, but they’re also cruelty-free. Because of this, our Essentials Skincare Gift Set is an excellent choice for anyone experimenting with clean beauty. Therefore, if you’re trying to draw a friend or family member to the right side of cosmetics, this is where you can start. It contains the perfect foundation for a brand-new skincare journey.

Poko-perfect skin only requires the essentials

At Poko, we’ve always said that all skin is good skin, and that good skin is happy skin. However, properly caring for your skin requires a little effort. While this might not mean serums and trips to the dermatologist, it does mean a good foundation. Give the gift of good skin to the people you most care about. Our Purifying Gel Cleanser, a new addition to the Poko family, gently cleanses the skin, preparing it for the rest of the skincare routine. It’s the first step in encouraging happier, healthier skin.

Skincare is for everyone, even if they’re busy

Some skincare routines can be extremely elaborate. However, for many people (frontliners, new parents, and small business owners, for example), a skincare routine can be a luxury. Here’s where you can come in, with your Santa bag of Poko goodies. With our Essentials Skincare Gift Set, you can show your nearest and dearest that a good skincare routine doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Treat your essential circle to some essentials of their own this Christmas!


This perfectly curated skincare gift set offers everything you need, in one handy package. To use it, begin with the Purifying Gel Cleanser. Gently massage it into your skin, before wiping it off with a damp muslin cloth. Then, spritz the Brightening Rosewater Toner onto a cotton pad, sweeping it over your face, chin and neck. Be sure to avoid your under-eye area, and the skin around your lips. Finally, avail of our Light Hydrating Moisturiser to lock in the moisture and reinforce your skin’s natural moisture barrier. With consistency, you should see smoother, brighter skin – no fuss or irritation needed.

Active Ingredients:

Brightening Rosewater Toner-

  • Rose floral water: A time-honoured cure for redness, we included rose floral water in our formula for that very reason. It’s quick-absorbing, and quickly works to neutralise redness, giving you a more even skin tone. Plus, it’s extremely antibacterial, hitting the pause button on spot-causing bacteria.
  • Glycerin: An all-natural humectant, glycerin encourages better surface hydration with every application. This is especially important, as toners can sometimes be abrasive and harsh on the skin. With the addition of glycerin, we ensure that our toner is hydrating as it is cleansing!

Light Hydrating Moisturiser-

  • Hyaluronic acid: It’s in moisturisers everywhere; we all know it, use it, and love it. Hyaluronic acid is the perfect solution to dry and dehydrated skin, as it locks water into the skin’s surface. In our Light Hydrating Moisturiser, it ensures that your skin gets the hydration it needs, without clogging your pores or weighing your skin down.
  • Trehalose: As we get older, our skin loses its natural moisturising factor (NMF). When this drops, our skin certainly feels the difference; signs of ageing are more prominent, textures change, and dull, flaky skin becomes the norm. Thankfully, trehalose replicates this, encouraging the skin to stay hydrated as we age.

 Purifying Gel Cleanser-

  • Niacinamide: Yet another skincare ingredient that’s having its moment, niacinamide can do it all! It helps lock in moisture, while addressing hyperpigmentation and discolouration on the skin’s surface. It can also help with fine lines and wrinkles, and works brilliantly with a selection of other skincare ingredients. No wonder it’s so in-demand!
  • Witch hazel extract: Packed full of anti-inflammatory and anti-viral ingredients, witch hazel extract is an excellent addition to skincare products everywhere. Not only does it help with breakouts, but it can also address redness and inflammation. With regular use, you should see smoother, more youthful skin.


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Alcohol Free