Introducing Poko's new Brightening Rosewater Toner

Introducing Poko's new Brightening Rosewater Toner

Introducing Poko's new Brightening Rosewater Toner

A moisturising, cleansing, and brightening skincare option sounds almost too good to be true. However, Poko has done it again – this time, with their new Brightening Rosewater Toner. Formulated with premium floral water, it's yet another Poko-perfect addition to your skincare routine. But is it really a must-have skincare product?

Well, we're here to tell you everything about it! In true skincare enthusiast fashion, we took Poko’s Brightening Rosewater Toner out for a spin. Did it meet our expectations, or was it just another flash-in-the-pan toning option? Find out everything you need to know about Poko's new toner in our comprehensive review!

Don't take that tone(r) with us... unless it's The Brightening Rosewater Toner from Poko!

For many of us, the toners of our youth still haunt our skincare routines. These harsh, astringent options dried out our skin under the guise of cleansing it, completely destroying our natural moisture barrier in the process! Because of this, you might be reluctant to add yet another toner to your skincare routine – and we don't blame you. However, we're here with good news: the new Brightening Rosewater Toner from Poko is the perfect antidote to this.

In fact, in 2021, toners are a shadow of what they once were. Many toner options are now infused with natural ingredients to gently hydrate your skin. With their Brightening Rosewater Toner, Poko has also gone down this route. While it works to give you that perfect cleanse, the toner contains a selection of natural ingredients, all hand-picked to nourish and hydrate your skin.

Sometimes, your cleanser isn't enough to rid your skin of dirt and grime. Here's where the Brightening Rosewater Toner comes in. In addition to its hydrating qualities, it works to thoroughly, yet gently, cleanse your skin. This, in turn, reduces the chance of clogged pores and breakouts, resulting in refreshed, cleansed skin.

What sets this toner apart is what it can do for your skin. According to Poko, the toner helps address sebum production, so it's a revolutionary skincare option for people with oily skin. It can also help with hyperpigmentation, tackling those dark spots and pesky post-acne pigment. All this, without drying out the skin, or compromising the natural moisture barrier? Sign us up!

So, what exactly is in the toner?

True to its name, the Brightening Rosewater Toner from Poko contains, well, rose floral water. Known for its antibacterial properties, rose floral water cleanses the skin of spot-causing bacteria, reducing breakouts. In addition to this, it also works to regulate your skin tone, as it helps address redness and inflammation. Furthermore, rose floral water will gently balance sebum levels – all without stripping the moisture from your skin.

It's also infused with potassium azeloyl diglycinate, a water-soluble version of azelaic acid. A known AHA, this ingredient can do it all. From brightening the skin to tackling acne, it's a must-have skincare ingredient – especially for people with oily, spot-prone skin. And who hasn't experienced a breakout or that bothersome oily sheen? Add the Brightening Rosewater Toner to your skincare routine, and feel the difference!

How do I use the Brightening Rosewater Toner?

The Brightening Rosewater Toner from Poko is the perfect way to give your skin an extra cleanse, preparing it for the rest of your skincare routine. Therefore, it fits seamlessly into both your AM and PM skincare routines. Begin by cleansing your skin, as per usual. We'd recommend doing this step with Poko's new Purifying Gel Cleanser.

Once your skin is dry, spray two or three spritzes of the Brightening Rosewater Toner onto a cotton pad. Then, gently sweep the saturated cotton pad over your face and neck. Here, we'd recommend taking care to avoid your eyes and lips. These areas can be rather delicate, and even the softest cotton pad can cause added stress. Once applied, allow the toner to dry, before finishing up with the rest of your skincare routine.

What did we think of the Brightening Rosewater Toner?

Upon using the Brightening Rosewater Toner from Poko, we were delighted at how easy it was to use. Coupled with Poko's Reusable Cotton Pad, it glided over our skin, gathering leftover dirt and grime. It dried in a matter of moments, leaving us free to carry on with the rest of our routine. Therefore, on paper, it does exactly what it says!

The most noticeable thing about the Brightening Rosewater Toner was how supple and hydrated our skin felt after using it. There was no dryness – just perfectly moisturised, soft skin. It's a definite departure from the toner options of our youth, and for us, that's a total win.

We also noticed a gradual reduction in oiliness and sebum production. While this didn't happen overnight, we noticed the results quite quickly. Instead of that mid-afternoon sheen, we noticed brighter, smoother skin. This made makeup reapplication considerably easier, without having to worry about flaking or cracking. With its easy application and visible results, the verdict is in: we'll be adding the Brightening Rosewater Toner from Poko to our skincare shelfie!

Would we recommend this toner?

The Brightening Rosewater Toner from Poko earns a resounding yes from us! It works to cleanse the skin, even after your favourite cleanser has done its job. However, it doesn't just leave your skin clean and clear – it also leaves it supple and hydrated. In a world of dehydrating toners that go right for the jugular (or in this case, natural moisture barrier), this option is a welcome change.

Plus, we loved seeing a gradual change in our skin. This made the toner feel like a healthy option – as if its skin-loving ingredients were slowly making changes from the inside out.

Based on our experience with it, we'd definitely recommend the Brightening Rosewater Toner. If you're looking for a better cleanse, a way to address excess sebum production, or just want a toner that won't dehydrate your skin, Poko has you covered. Add it to your skincare routine today – and thank us later!

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