Introducing Poko's new AHA Exfoliating Treatment

Introducing Poko's new AHA Exfoliating Treatment

Introducing Poko's new AHA Exfoliating Treatment

A good chemical exfoliant can go a long way. Once you learn to use them, there's no looking back. They're easy to use, suitable for all skin types, and give you that amazing glow. They also pull triple-duty: exfoliating the skin, unclogging pores, and boosting collagen levels. So, when we got a chance to try the new AHA Exfoliating Treatment from Poko, we were nothing short of delighted!

Can an all-natural option hold a candle to more chemical-based alternatives? Today, we'll cover everything you need to know about Poko’s AHA Exfoliating Treatment in our comprehensive review.

The AHA Exfoliating Treatment from Poko – a new way to exfoliate?

The AHA Exfoliating Treatment from Poko is a rather impressive offering, tackling common issues faced by people who love a good AHA.

For example, the Poko alternative is gentle enough, which means that you can use it daily. Conversely, many other chemical exfoliants are far too harsh for daily use – while it has several positives, it can also affect your skin’s pH levels, and strip your natural moisture barrier. Additionally, Poko’s AHA Exfoliating Treatment combines a selection of Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and botanicals, which works to soothe your skin, while gently removing layers of dead skin cells.

This exfoliant works wonders for all skin types. For people with sensitive skin, finding the perfect chemical exfoliant can be tricky. However, the Poko alternative offers a gentle, daily exfoliant – without stressing out or compromising your skin. Therefore, it's the perfect option for people who skipped the exfoliant for fear of aggravating their skin!

For the most part, this is down to Poko's unique formulations. Like the rest of their offerings, the AHA Exfoliating Treatment from Poko contains natural ingredients, which means that it's completely safe to use – regardless of your skin type!

What's in this exfoliant?

We mentioned that the AHA Exfoliating Treatment contains a selection of natural ingredients. But what exactly does it contain, and how do these ingredients work? Poko’s AHA Exfoliating Treatment contains:

  • A selection of AHAs: This exfoliant contains glycolic acid, lactic acid, and tartaric acid to help hydrate your skin and boost its health. This leaves you with perfectly moisturised skin, even after exfoliation.
  • Exfoliants: Ingredients like malic acid and citric acid help unclog pores. It also contains keratoline, an enzyme that helps remove dead skin cells and promote cell renewal.
  • Organic oils: The exfoliant contains two organic oils. In this formula, rosehip oil helps tackle scarring and discolouration. It also contains apricot kernel oil, to reinforce the skin's natural moisture barrier, and defend against fine lines and dark circles.

Together, these ingredients form a truly remarkable product. It's the perfect way to exfoliate, without compromising your skin's pH level or natural moisture barrier.

How do I use the AHA Exfoliating Treatment?

First, cleanse your skin and ensure it's dry before application. Then, spread a pump of the AHA Exfoliating Treatment onto your fingertips. Apply it to your face, working from the inside out, in a gentle, circular motion. Once applied, use your palms to lightly tap it into your skin, until fully absorbed. After 10-15 minutes, follow up with the rest of your skincare routine. Use the treatment in your AM or PM routine – just don't forget the SPF in your AM routine!

What did we think of the AHA Exfoliating Treatment?

We're big fans of the AHA Exfoliating Treatment from Poko! Not only was it extremely easy to use, but it also felt really good on our skin. Upon application, there's an almost immediate cooling effect, like it's effectively addressing redness and inflammation. Plus, we found that by patting it into the skin, we were a lot more aware of our skin's texture. Over time, this helped us identify which areas were drier, where to expect a breakout, and whether we needed to put the TLC in T-zone.

Most of us double down on the moisturiser after using a chemical exfoliant. However, we found the AHA Exfoliating Treatment to be a handy addition to our skincare routine. It's definitely gentle enough for daily use without compromising the skin's moisture barrier. This means that we saw quicker results and brighter skin in record time!

People with oily or acne-prone skin can definitely use it in both their AM and PM routines with no adverse effects. However, it's important to remember that AHAs (no matter how gentle) can increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun. Therefore, it's important to always wear SPF after using this treatment, and reapply it throughout the day! By doing this, you'll protect your skin from sun damage, while also allowing the treatment to do its job. Did we mention that it’s also suitable for people with sensitive skin? However, instead of daily use, consider using Poko’s AHA Exfoliating Treatment once or twice a week.

Would we recommend this exfoliant?

Poko has put a new spin on a skincare staple. Therefore yes, it's absolutely something we recommend. It's also suitable for all skin types – even for people with dry or sensitive skin. With Poko's new offering, everyone can avail of a good-quality chemical exfoliant!

Plus, it's packed full of all-natural, skin-loving ingredients, formulated to gently unclog your pores and exfoliate your skin. Poko, as ever, only wants the best for you and your skin – no unbalanced pH levels, harsh ingredients, or post-exfoliant breakouts needed. Therefore, the AHA Exfoliating Treatment is a crucial step towards clearer and brighter skin.

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