Why CBD muscle balms are an essential item this summer for fitness enthusiasts

Why CBD muscle balms are an essential item this summer for fitness enthusiasts

Why CBD muscle balms are an essential item this summer for fitness enthusiasts

With the sun shining in all its glory nowadays, many people are eagerly taking to the outdoors to stretch their muscles and do some much-needed exercise. Physical fitness and getting in shape for the perfect summer body seems to be a major thought in most people’s minds.

For all the fitness enthusiasts, gym-goers and bodybuilding fanatics: Could this summer be any better? (Yes, we’re channelling our inner Chandler, well spotted!)

With everyone flocking to the gyms pretty soon following this announcement, we at Poko believe that CBD muscle balms are one essential item this summer. After all, many athletes, sportspeople, and regular gym-goers have been quite vocal about their use of CBD products pre and post-workout.

Before we explore how CBD muscle balms can benefit you as part of your workout routine, let’s briefly discuss what CBD is.

CBD: What’s the hype about?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of many active chemical compounds found in the hemp plant. However, contrary to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it’s non-psychoactive and won’t cause a ‘high’.

CBD is increasingly gaining popularity, thanks to its many potential health and wellness benefits. It can be found in almost everything from muscle rubs to CBD infused protein powders, proudly making its way onto the sports supplements shelves and into the post-recovery routines of runners, bodybuilders and athletes alike.

It is completely legal in the UK and even famous athletes use it without any qualms. The World Anti Doping Agency( WADA) has effectively removed CBD from its banned substance list in 2018. So, if CBD’s good enough for professional athletes, it’s surely good enough for you too!

Poko Recovery CBD Balms

CBD muscle balms: What are they and how do they work?

CBD muscle balms have restorative and healing properties to target a variety of concerns. They can be used to help relieve discomfort, soreness, and inflammation, besides moisturising the skin. Poko’s recovery CBD muscle balms range not only helps soothe tired and sore muscles but also acts as a great addition to your skincare routine with its skin-nourishing and hydrating properties.

When you apply a CBD muscle balm to your skin, it immediately absorbs the cannabinoids. These then tend to interact with the body’s cannabinoid receptors nearby. The primary purpose of the CBD balm is to provide relief to a particular area.

For CBD balms to work well and penetrate the dermal barrier to reach your bloodstream, you have to apply them liberally. This ensures that your pores absorb enough CBD for targeted pain relief. A high concentration of cannabidiol content in a CBD balm is therefore ideal. Luckily for you, Poko’s recovery balm range contains 500 mg of pure CBD isolate and is particularly effective.

CBD muscle balms: Top benefits

So why should you be considering CBD as part of your workout recovery regime this summer? Here are the top benefits of doing so:

  •  Helps with post-workout pain and inflammation

According to increasing anecdotal evidence, CBD can help in muscle recovery and relieve post-workout pain.

Exercise- especially weight training and high intensity running-causes microscopic damage (small tears) in your muscles. This results in inflammation. While inflammation is the body’s natural response and part of the recovery process when it’s pushed physically, excessive inflammation is bad. It can cause pain and even lead to long term health problems.

CBD is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties which makes a CBD muscle balm a useful addition to any post-workout routine. CBD can help suppress inflammation and alleviate muscle soreness and aches. This means that your muscles can recover quickly after an intense workout. Not only does this mean less discomfort, but it also means a reduction in the rest days needed between intense workout sessions.

Poko Recovery Lemon and Ginger CBD Balm

Many experts believe that CBD is one of the safest and most efficient solutions to repairing damage caused through exercise. In comparison to traditional methods of recovery, CBD poses no setbacks in slowing the recovery process down. Instead, it speeds it up considerably.

CBD’s pain-alleviating properties can also prove useful for those who carry out strenuous exercises such as weight-lifting. Rubbing a CBD balm on aching muscles, can refresh you and get you ready for the next day of training. Poko Recovery Lemon & Ginger Balm can soothe fatigued muscles and refresh your skin after an intense workout. Apply this balm liberally after a hot shower and we promise you, your body will thank you!

  • Improved sleep

This may throw you off and make you wonder, ‘what does sleep have to do with fitness-surely sleep is the opposite of being active?’ We are here to tell you that sleep is vital to remain fit and aid proper recovery post-workout.

A huge amount of muscle recovery typically happens when you are asleep. The body repairs and rebuilds all the muscle tears resulting from exercise. This helps improve muscle mass and strength.

Poko Recovery Warming Balm

CBD can help improve sleep quality and regulate the sleep-wake cycle, according to recent research. It also helps to decrease stress. Applying a CBD muscle balm on your sore muscles can help you feel more relaxed and promote a good night’s sleep. You can fall asleep more easily and deeply, waking up feeling thoroughly refreshed the next day.

So, not only does restful sleep aid in muscle recovery, but it also helps you feel more motivated and energised for your workout.

Key takeaways

CBD muscle balms can up your fitness game with their many benefits. Not only do they help in muscle recovery, but they also help moisturise your skin and keep it glowing. 

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